vivian maier

there's finally a proper website that showcases many of the mysterious vivian maier's captivating street photography from the fifties onward. there will also be a book released in the fall through powerhouse books of her work. hopefully they'll have a showing of her photos in new york city in the future!




sowing the seeds

my dorky hobby, or whatever you would call it, is growing plants. not just any old plants, but fruit trees! mainly from seeds of fruits that i have eaten. i have only experimented with avocados, lemons, oranges, and mangos thus far; mangos being the easiest to cultivate. it's all pretty easy. get a seed, stick it in a baggie with water, and hang it in a sunny place. i usually forget about them until the little leaves start to peek out and scream "plant me!!!"

growing mango seeds

mango seed


museum of natural history

museum of natural history

museum of natural history

art around town!

a collection of images from the first roll shot on my ebay purchased olympus xa. used portra 400nc for these.
the photos are mostly of art and painted signs around coney island and in the subways. it's nice to take a quiet walk along the boardwalk before the hustle and bustle of summertime out there.

coney island boardwalk

food signs

speeding on the boardwalk

beach mural


bird mosaic, nyc subway.

all images are mine unless specified. please ask to use!