mary and roger

sarah & mary


checkpoint charlie

berlin train station




photos from a long weekend in berlin, spent with the most wonderful people. a bunch of old faces mixed in with new lovely people that i am glad to have met along my journey.

around town

bird people



a few quick shots of paris from the olympus xa.



ruben in class


woven samples

woven designs
here are some photos i made of my friend ruben and his beautiful woven creations. he is currently studying a semester abroad in textiles at the ecole nationale supérieure création industrielle, in paris.


paris, double exposure

flea market in the sky

here are a couple accidental double exposures taken in paris. this happened during the time my camera was giving me problems, and eventually stopped working a couple rolls later.

les puces!

Nini Peau d’Chien

Nini Peau d’Chien

tombées du camion

tombées du camion

tombées du camion

flea market at the porte de clignancourt. paris, france.

the seventh floor

the view from our home for the week. paris, france.

gardens of versailles

Le Bassin d’Apollon
a rainy morning turned into a lovely day. it was happily spent walking around the gardens, having a french picnic, reading and taking photographs. a nice peaceful way to unwind my brain after spending a couple hours inside the chateau looking at all of the art and designs.

le château versailles


i was presented with a visual overload at the palace of versailles in france this past october. art and sculptures by murakami in rooms that are just dripping with gold. beautiful, exciting, fun. just enough stimulating artwork to allow me to forget i was cramped in these giant rooms with herds of school children and other tourists. now looking back at these photos from that day, it appears as though i were alone.

corn from the cart

grilled street corn paris, france.
corn grilled on converted shopping carts and sold on the streets of paris.


the eiffel tower

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